Is this the Nexus S running Gingerbread?

Engadget just came across a picture from a Best Buy flier that supposedly features the unannounced Nexus S. We’re not as excited about the phone itself – it’s basically a Galaxy S phone – as we’re about what’s running. That could very well be Gingerbread. In fact, I’m almost entirely sure it is. It matches up to the picture that leaked a couple of weeks ago through Phandroid. So assuming this is Gingerbread, you guys better get used to the black notification bar ’cause it’s coming with Gingerbread. Something related to Gingerbread is supposed to happen today, but we’re not exactly sure what. At midnight last night, a couple of Googlers tweeted BREAD! all of the sudden, so take that as you will. I’m still hopeful we’ll see at least the SDK released today, fingers crossed.

Via Engadget