Lenovo LePad coming to the US in 2011

Not too long ago, Lenovo COO Rory Reid went on record saying that he doesn’t expect the world’s 4th largets PC manufacturer to release an Android tablet in the US until Honeycomb was ready for prime time. He, along with several other manufacturers, believe that 2.2 isn’t the tablet friendly OS they are looking for. In an article released today by WSJ, Chief Executive of Lenovo Yang Yuanqing has said that the LePad will indeed land in the US sometime next year.

Lenovo is looking to make a hard push into the tablet sector of the market is the US, evident by their $15.1 million developer program set into action. The program aims to support developers in the creation of apps and other similar services to be used on web-based devices like the LePad. The reasoning behind the mobile push? Last April, Lenovo put out a statement that saying they expect 10% – 20% of their total revenue will come from the mobile market within five years. A fair assessment, but with the way technology is developing today, that time may come sooner than later.

Look for more mobile internet-centric devices to come into play from Lenovo in the near future, with Google Chrome and Android definitely playing a factor.

Via WSJ by way of Phonedog

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