Lock-screen gestures make their way into CyanogenMod

Among most of the normal tweaks and enhancements found in a CyanogenMod ROM update, this past week’s CM 6.1 RC5 for the Motorola DROID update saw something a bit more unique than we’re used to: Lock-screen gestures.

If you’re familiar with any other version of hand drawn on-screen gesture recognition, then you’re already good to go. Essentially, you can use a special gesture menu to customize what shapes, when drawn onto the lock-screen, do what. For example you can make it so drawing a “P” will take you directly to the phone dialer. Or make it so a “G” takes you directly to G-Mail. Get it? It’s innovative, it’s highly functional, it’s totally CyanogenMod. Be on the lookout for this to hit a ROM near you, as it’s just good not to.

Via DroidLife