Logitech and Google working on updates for Revue

Logitech announced yesterday, via their forums, that a Revue update is being developed which will address frame rate and other issues. The representative also stated that other problems identified by customers and feature wish lists were on the table as well. (A Netflix app that allows us to browse more than our Instant Queues?)

Logitech has been very receptive and responsive to Revue owners, and if you have something to say/ask/request, here is the place to do it. The announcement is embedded below.

Posted on behalf of Peter Evans


We’d like to acknowledge all of your valuable feedback on Logitech Revue and let you know that we’re listening to you. The Google and Logitech teams are actively working on assessing the issues you are identifying (as well as your wish lists) and we will be communicating with you in these forums about our progress in addressing them.

Our plan is to issue a series of periodic software updates that incorporate multiple fixes or enhancements. In addition, we have the capability of using ad hoc updates to resolve single issues – and one update is being sent out over the air today to address frame rates some of you may have experienced.

We at Logitech truly believe in the promise of the Google TV platform and we’re very excited to be part of its development. We thank you for being an early adopter of Logitech Revue and we’re committed to delivering to you the promise of Google TV. Our goal is to make sure your early enthusiasm is rewarded with a great Google TV experience that just keeps getting better.

Peter Evans
Director, Logitech Revue Customer Care

Via Logitech