MKB Reviews: Catch Notes

There are a lot of note-taking, capture, and reminder applications in the Android market, but few are well structured enough to integrate all three features into one polished application. Catch Notes is one of those few; it allows you to quickly and easily capture text, images and locations and save them for reminder in the future. It sounds boring, but the extremely attractive user interface almost makes you want to take notes and keep organized. This is a one of a kind app, and today we’re going to take a look at all the features.


The user interface almost reminds me of a Twitter application the way it’s laid out for you to read through your new notes [similar to the timeline] and compose a new note [similar to composing a new tweet]. It’s fast, snappy, and functional and places everything in an easy-to-remember position. At the top right corner of the application are three buttons: Refresh, Capture, and Add. The Refresh button lets you backup and sync any new notes with the server of choice, which will be mentioned later in this review. It’s a bit like Dropbox in the way it quickly uploads files to your server of choice and lets you download and access them anywhere.

At the bottom you have the same four buttons that are more explained, more for first-time users of the application. These have the same functions at the quick access buttons at the top. Once you have added enough notes, however, these will shift down to the bottom of the screen and out of sight.


This app is worthy of review because it is absolutely stocked with features. It’s an uncanny combination of file sharing, note taking and reminders. It keeps all your notes backed up and synced with your server of choice. They of course encourage you to sync your notes with a Catch account, but I like the fact that you also have the option to use your Google account to sign in and sync your notes. You can also export these notes to the SD card for easy movement to and from your device.

When composing notes you have the ability not only to add text with regular keyboard input, but there are also a number of options along the bottom right hand side for several different things. All the way on the right hand side is a QR-code looking icon that opens a Google Goggles-like interface that allows you to scan in QR codes. Next to that is a gallery button that lets you pick an image from your gallery to add to your note. Beside is a camera button that opens your camera to take a photo to add to your note directly from the camera. After you have added any text or media to your note you can save and it will appear on your timeline.

Clicking on a note in the timeline will expand it to fullscreen for easy reading and viewing any attached media. An edit button also appears on the top right hand side for quickly making changes or updates to your note. Very handy!

You can also long press a note on your timeline, giving you the option to edit it, copy text from it, set a reminder for a certain date/time, attach more media, or pin it to your homescreen. I found myself using the pin to homescreen feature more often than other, which helps me to remember recurring tasks without setting a reminder or putting into my Google calendar.

There is also a hashtagging feature that allows you to sort and organize your notes by these tags. If you tend to take a lot of notes on the news for coming back to later, you can easily tag all these notes with #News and come back to all your news articles at once later. This is a very well integrated feature that I also found myself using a lot in my testing.


All in all this application is very well produced. There weren’t any hiccups in the UI, missing features, or poorly implemented options. I have no complaints – props to the developer(s) for polishing this application so well.

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