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If you’re a reading this article on DroidDog there’s a good chance you’re a fan of the Android platform. If you’re a fan of Android there’s a good chance you’re fairly technologically savvy. There is a likely a chunk of you out there who are Android fans and also budding photographers. For the inner photographer in you there is a very popular site called ‘Flickr’ for sharing images and short video clips that you’ve probably heard of by now. I recently started getting into photography myself and promptly found myself sifting through the Android market searching for a full-featured Flickr client for the Android platform. Unfortunately there is no official Android app made by Yahoo or Flickr so I was up to the task of finding one made by a 3rd party. I then found FlickFolio, a free Flickr photo viewing client that has earned an average of 4 stars [among the highest of the Flickr clients] in the Android market. It has a simple, fast, intuitive user interface and boasts enough features to make it worthwhile for those of you using Flickr. Enjoy the review!

User Interface

As mentioned earlier, the user interface is extremely simple. The icon isn’t pretty, but when you first open the app and are logged in you are greeted by a few categories. You have your most recently updated Photostream, photos without sets, then a list of all your photo sets. Something important worth noting is that the version I am reviewing is the free, ad-supported version so anywhere you go within the application will have an app at a strip across the bottom of the screen. You can hit the menu button at any time to reveal a button to ‘Upgrade to remove ads’ – this option costs $1.99 USD.

Opening a Photostream reveals all the photos within, similar to opening an album in the Android gallery and revealing all the pictures. You can then click on a picture and view it full sized. There is no pinch to zoom but you can double tap to enlarge or use the plus and minus zoom buttons. When you single tap a photo you have the option to rate, zoom, or hit an arrow that appears in the lower right hand corner of the photo. Hitting this arrow will bring up a popup window with the option to bring you to info and comments on the photo, or to share it or set it as your wallpaper. You can also delete the photo [if you own it] directly from within the application. Moving between images is as simple as a swipe to the next picture, again just like in the Android gallery.


This is a full-featured application, yet still keeps all the speed an application of its size should. First and foremost you have the ability to view photos in their full resolution. This is the main objective of a Flickr photo viewer application. You can flick through photos like in the gallery, or play straight through with faded transitions in a slideshow.

You can also upload pictures to an existing or new photoset through this application. Upload speeds depend on your connection, but typically photos taken with the 5MP camera on my Motorola Droid took less than 15 seconds to upload over Verizon 3G.

Other small features include the ability to download pictures in the background while your phone is charging and the ability to view download statistics. The app is smart because it only downloads these high resolution photos when your phone is connected to the charger, saving you time and battery while on the go.

You can also randomize slideshows and include a title slide if you wish, which are minor but gladly accepted additional features.


This application is simple, fast and productive. If you’re a photographer or a photo enthusiast who enjoys flipping through Flickr photosets or albums for long periods of time, or even enjoy searching Flickr for photos taken by certain cameras or certain lenses as a research method you will definitely find this application useful. I haven’t encountered any bugs and I’ll use it just about every week to keep track of comments and feedback on photos I upload.

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You can also view my Flickr Photostream and the photos previewed in the screenshots here.

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