More Nexus S leaks: Real pictures and FCC shake-down

The Nexus train rolls on this afternoon, now with real pictures and FCC certification.

Here’s the rundown: There are pictures on Picasa and Flicker that have indeed been taken with the Nexus S. We know this thanks to EXIF data. Well in the same albums where photos were taken by the Nexus S, there are photos also taken by the GT-i9020. The model number for the Galaxy S? GT-i9000. Oddly enough, the GT-i9020 just recently made it’s way through the FCC and WiFi Alliance, where we learned that it comes intact with AWS and all: T-Mobile’s 3G operating bands. Need more? The albums in which the pictures were found come from Google employees and their families. I’d say that settles the model number the Nexus S will bear, but what else do we need? Real pictures and rumors of when promo materials will arrive at Best Buy? Sure, just keep in mind, until Google announces all of this, it’s still just an unconfirmed rumor. A very believable one, but a rumors none-the-less.

(original photograph found here)

Via Engadget 1, 2, Android Police