myTouch 4G how-to videos

T-Mobile quietly posted some promotional/instructional videos on their HTC myTouch 4G the other day, and it’s clear that video chat will be a major selling point for the nation’s largest 4G network. It’s kind of surprizing that it’s taken this long for the feature to hit the mainstream here in the U.S. when you consider how long it’s been a bullet point on the spec sheet of devices in other parts of the world. It looks like the wait might have been worth it though, and Apple has forced the competition into providing high quality, truly mobile video chat. I’m thinking there will be a lot of long distance, face-to-face thank yous spanning the country this holiday season.

Here are the videos, which showcase the myTouch 4G as much as the story of a girl getting her first car.

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How to Video Chat

Video Chat

HD Camcorder with Screen Share

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