New Nexus S blurry shot turns up online

Over the last week I have received a lot, and I do mean a lot, of questions on the Nexus S. People desperately want to know more. While we may not have release info, or pricing and availability, we do have another another (slightly) blurry pic of the device, showing off it’s unique frontside.

As you can see from the picture above, and as you may remember from the Nexus S’ last appearance with Schmidt on Web 2.0, the Nexus S features an odd sort of bend to the screen of the device. Supposedly, Samsung has been hawking this design for awhile now, boasting improved usability. Sprint originally went for the idea of the unique screen bend, but later had to turn the offer down due to a limited stock offering from Samsung.

Many questions still reamin on the Nexus S, even on just the screen alone. Is just the bezel bent? Is the screen actually curved? How does that improve anything? Feel free to speculate in the comments below.

Via Engadget