Nexus One Wi-Fi calling hack for CyanogenMod

The G2 amounts to an updated, hardware keyboard havin’ Nexus One, and why should the Google Phone forerunner, which broke new ground on so many fronts, miss out on the coming wave of Wi-Fi calling in the States? It shouldn’t, and thanks to some clever folks over at xda-developers, the G2′s T-Mobile Wi-Fi calling app has been brought to the N1 in the most deliciously unofficial manner.

It’s not as simple as dropping an .apk on your SD card and tapping install though; this one will take a bit of work. If you’re not rooted and familiar with applying Android hacks, you might want to sit this one out. And even if you are familiar, this one requires some cautious and deliberate research. Check the xda thread for instructions. You’ll need to verify or flash your radio, kernel, firmware, etc.

This hack only enables Wi-Fi calling for N1s of the T-Mobile variety.

Via Android Police