Nexus S leaks continue with specs

What is this, a coordinated marketing attack consisting of a barrage of Nexus S leaks? Well, no. But it sure has been a busy day in the recently-less-cloudy world of the ultra-buzzed Galaxy device. After briefly turning up as a pre-order on Best Buy’s website this morning, an apparent Best Buy flyer was spotted with an image that depicted the Nexus S running what is very likely Gingerbread (Android 2.3), then (mostly?) real pictures showed up along with FCC and OHA clearance. And now, though it’s nothing Earth-shattering, we get what appears to be a Best Buy internal system shit with some device specs.

The biggest surprize? Well, for me (after learning that T-Mobile had the early exclusive) the surprize is that this isn’t an HSPA+ device. Sure, sure, it will benefit from the upgraded network in the same way that a Vibrant does, but you’re not going to see the blazing data speeds that some G2 owners have come to love. Honestly though, if it comes with Gingerbread, will that make you forget about HSPA+?

Via Phandroid by way of TMoNews