Nexus S scrapped for dual-core replacement?

In response to yesterday’s Nexus S leakfest, I wondered out loud (out text?) if it was some kind of coordinated attack, and concluded that, no, it wasn’t. As Taylor Wimberly of Android and Me points out in a thick and juicy post on the death of the Nexus S and birth of it’s usurper, November 11th was the original launch date for the scrapped original, and Best Buy employees came across all sorts of (now bad) information.

Wimberly addresses the shopped Engadget photos, shifting timelines, and more, but the real meat of the article covers Samsung’s abandonment of the original S due it’s single-core spec and the the most likely hardware replacement and release scenarios. Because Android 2.3 isn’t optimized for dual-core processors–like Honeycomb most probably will be–Samsung pushed the whole project back in order to set the new standard for Android devices, as opposed to simply extending the shelf life of a tweaked Galaxy S.

It’s a tech mystery with a trail of clues that leads to a killer phone that will launch with either Gingerbread or Honeycomb, and possibly with T-Mobile branding…at least at first.

Via Android and Me