Video: NOOKcolor unboxing

I was happily suprized to find an email from Barnes & Noble in my inbox last night indicating that my pre-ordered NOOKcolor had arrived at my local B&N retail location. I didn’t get it as early as some of you Internet pre-orders did, but early is early and I’m not complaining. It didn’t cost me a dime to get on that first call list, either.

I haven’t had much undistracted reading time just yet, but my first impression is that I might have an issue with the refresh rate on that 7″, VividView display. Not because it looks bad in videos, but because it was (just barely) noticeable to my eyes when scanning a page, though only with light themes. I didn’t have any seizures or eyeball twitch attacks, so I’ll reserve judgement for at least a week.

Navigation of the device puts the original NOOK to shame, as it should; the NOOKcolor being $249 and the original NOOK Wi-Fi running just $149. I thought I would miss that little strip for bouncing around the operating system, but a full touch screen is far better for that application. The keyboard has improved by leaps and bounds as well.

Hoping for a 3G version of NOOKcolor? Don’t hold your breath. And if it does come, don’t count on free lifetime data. Those full color magazines and animated children’s books take up a lot more bandwidth to transmit, and the last I heard, AT&T wasn’t in the business of giving it up for free. Also, no more free Wi-Fi at AT&T hotspots. Yep, they’re apparently out of the loop on this one.

More impressions, videos, and comparisons to follow, folks. Here’s my unboxing and hands on:

Unboxing, hands on:

Themes, comparison with Galaxy Tab and original NOOK: