Official EVO dock is available from Sprint, FINALLY

Good grief, has this little accessory been delayed. Chances are that those of you EVO owners who had your heart set on docking at launch gave up on the wait and went third party three months ago. But in case there are a handful of you left, like myself, who have waited for the real HTC deal, Sprint is selling the glossy little gadget, as pictured below.

Good and Evo (.net) has one that they’re giving away, and the picture you see here belongs to them. The dock costs $39.99 in stores or online and comes with a 6′ USB HDMI cable. But microUSB isn’t the only jack you’ll find in the cradle, there’s an HDMI connect as well, which is (possibly) good for checking out your homemade or ill-gotten, DRM-free videos on the big screen.

Via Good and EVO