Samsung Galaxy Tab is on sale at T-Mobile…now!

It’s Wednesday, November 10th, ladies and gentlemen. That means that the Samsung Galaxy Tab is now available in the United States from T-Mobile. The tablet can be found in Magenta’s online store for $599.99 outright and $399.99 on contract. It will also be in T-Mobile retail locations today.

Because the stateside Tabs don’t feature telephony, the monthly plan fees are light: $39.99 for 5GB of data and $24.99 for 200MB. You’ll also get free bandwidth from T-Mobile hotspots, and you can, hook up to other Wi-Fi routers of course. Both plans include unlimited SMS and MMS.

The Tab is said to “benefit from” T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network, as the Vibrant does, but this is not an HSPA+ device. The next carrier in line to launch the Tab in the U.S. is Verizon, on the 11th, Sprint’s will follow on the 14th. AT&T has one coming down the pike, and a Wi-Fi-only version has been delayed.