Samsung making an LTE device for Verizon

For long time now, as far back as early July, the Galaxy S 2 has been labeled with rumored specs that seem more and more realistic as time goes on: 2GHz CPU, 4″-4.5″ SAMOLED display, upwards of 16GB internal storage, and cameras galore. Compared to the LG Star, Motorola Etna, Motorola Olympus, and Nexus S, this kind of device is going to be the norm in the high-end category come 2011. So what will Samsung do to set themselves apart? Well for starters, 4G on the nation’s largest carrier, Verizon.

DroidDog has received word from a tipster that Samsung is indeed working on a device that’s EVO-esque in size and runs on Big Red’s upcoming LTE network. As of right now, not much else is known. [UPDATE: Could it be the Stealth V?]

So which rumored upcoming Samsung device could this be? Allow me to think aloud for a moment:

It’s pretty well established that the Galaxy S 2 is related to the model number i9100. When rumors of the GS2 first started to swirl, it was rumored to be known as the i9200. According to Eldar Murtazin, the Galaxy S 2 will feature a dual-core processor, along with other various advanced tech, and is being referred to as the i9100. So the what about the i9200?

Firmware for the i9200 was leaked not too long ago, and has become a topic of interest over at XDA. According to a thread where the firmware is being dissected, the device is powered by Android, features an 800×480 display, and uses a S5PC110 Hummingbird processor; the same processor found in Galaxy S phones today. In other words, unless there is something explosive hidden inside, chances are this won’t turn out to be anything too special.

We still can’t forget the i9020 and i9020t though. Both of those models are pegged as the Nexus S for the US and Europe, but both also feature AWS.

Confused yet?


i9100 = Galaxy S 2
i9020 = Nexus S
i9020t = Nexus S
i9200 = ?

Of course, there’s always a possibility that this LTE device from Samsung is none of the above. The only things we know for sure is that it’s big, it’s fast, and it’s 4G, which still leaves us with plenty of questions. Is there a Nexus S being made for Verizon’s LTE network? Is the Galaxy S 2 headed to Big Red with 4G in tow? Does the i9200 hold something special for us? All will be answered soon enough.

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