Samsung Showcase available on Cellular South now

While most other carriers have been enjoying the sales of their very own Samsung Galaxy S varient for some time now, it’s finally Cellular South’s time to shine.

The Showcase, available now for $199.99 on contract, is everything you’d expect a Galaxy S device to be: 1GHz processor, 4″ SAMOLED screen, 2GB on board memory, Swype, and more. If you’re looking to pick up the Showcase (which is only being referred to as the Galaxy S on the CS website), then you’ll find all the appropriate details here.

It’s interesting to think that around this time last year, the only handset manufacturers making waves in the Android community were Motorola and HTC. Sure there were other companies putting phones out, but Moto and HTC were the ones making the big sales. Samsung has really stepped up here and taken the reigns this holiday season. With what is sure to be impressive sales of the Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab, I wouldn’t expect the trend to end.

Via Phandroid

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