Sunlight: Tab vs. Nook vs. NOOKcolor

After posting my NOOKcolor unboxing and NOOKcolor review, I received a number of questions about daylight readability in comparison to the original Nook. The truth is that there isn’t much of a comparison. E-ink displays and backlit LCDs offer two very different experiences, and while you will find variation amongst LCDs and e-ink displays, pitting the two against one another is like day and night…literally. LCDs in the dark, and e-ink in the light, FTW.

The original Nook should be compared to the Amazon Kindle and similar products; not to the NOOKcolor. But you asked, so I took the photos. I also threw a Galaxy Tab into the mix, which turned out to be a bit more difficult to read (with the Nook app for Android) than the NOOKcolor in daylight. And, you guessed it, the e-ink Nook takes first place in daylight, although the LCD navigation display is difficult to read in the sun.

In bed at night, NOOKcolor is my favorite for reading: the navigation is so much better than the other devices, nook-wise, and the themes are pretty great. It’s also lighter ind thinner than a Tab, and I prefer distraction free story time.

Those are my preferences, observations, and opinions. What do you think?

Tab, NOOKcolor, and the original Nook:

Original Nook:


Galaxy Tab:

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