Try out Android on your iPhone, now easier than ever (No PC required)

Are you an iPhone user? Is Android starting to pique your interest? Tired of iOS’ boring UI? Can’t buy a new smartphone? (They’re free now.) Well, then don’t worry ’cause the guys at the iDroid Project have got you covered. Back in April, they wowed the tech world by showing an iPhone 2G running Android. The project has come a long way in the past 7 months. Now it’s much more stable and running Froyo. However, iDroid isn’t ready for prime time just yet. Wifi and voice/data radio support is kind of buggy. Bluetooth, camera and audio support are MIA. Hardware acceleration is also missing. Which brings us to battery life. This is the biggest obstacle keeping me from using iDroid on a daily basis. This thing chugs battery life like a drunk hooligan. You can feel it too, as the back of the iPhone gets very warm – like Andy is wreaking havoc inside your iPhone. Also, somehow I was only able to charge my iPhone up to 56%. Which lasted me a solid half an hour of use.

Maybe in the coming months the Dev Team will fix many of these issues – making iDroid a true alternative to iOS. But for now, it’s just something cool to show your Android-toting friends. However, iDroid is still stable enough that you can use it to learn about Android and its many tricks. The process of getting iDroid on your iPhone is a lot easier than it was a couple of months ago. No longer do you need to know your way around Linux or even get your hands dirty with code. You don’t even need a computer. Basically, if you have Cydia on your iPhone you’re good to go. You can head on to Redmond Pie for more detailed instructions. The whole process is pretty straight forward and much of the time you’ll be waiting for iDroid to download.

  • Add the repo to Cydia
  • Install Bootlace
  • Install OpeniBoot
  • Install iDroid
  • Reboot into iDroid
  • You’re done, pretty easy right.

After you’re done, you’ll be able to dual boot iOS and iDroid. Also, now that you have the Bootlace app installed, you’ll be able to update iDroid right from the app as soon as the Dev Team releases a new version – pretty cool. So dear iPhone users, now that is this easy to try out Android, will you be joining the rest of the world outside the wall?

PS: We’re hearing that if you use an iPhone with iDroid within a one mile radius of the Apple HQ, a Steve Jobs clone will hunt you down and bring you back for “rehabilitation”. You’ve been warned.

Via Redmond Pie