TweetDeck for Android updated to 1.0.3

TweetDeck for Android received a “very hefty” update today, bringing the app up to version 1.0.3. The update, which is not available in the Market, is considered a test and contains the following changes:

“Landscape mode for all update detail views
Added support for Twitpic
Manual shortening
Allow for dismissing Places notification
Fix faving tweets on 3g in France
Allow old style RTs for protected users
Support FB Single Sign On
Allow users to delete DMs that are sent to them
Likes and comments on FB photos should stay in app
Several bug fixes and performance improvements”

According to the TweetDeck Support, “This should go right over the top of the market version without requiring an uninstall/re-install (of course if you’re having issues, you should try that as it usually helps).”

While some of you may or may not agree with me in saying that the app still lacks some of the features that makes TweetDeck for desktop so wonderful, it’s still nice to see the addition of Twitpic and manual shortening among others. To install TweetDeck 1.0.3, just download the .apk from here, and as per TweetDeck’s instructions, install tAttachApkInstaller from the Market now.

Via TweetDeck