Twitsper updated

Three days ago, I wrote a brief post about the launch of an app by two UC Riverside grad students called Twitsper. The idea fills a gap that Twitter has yet to address: the ability to tweet to groups privately. Twitsper allows you to do this, using Twitter lists and mass DMing. You can also create public lists, which use @replies. My qualms with that app, which I was admittedly still figuring out at the time, were mostly related to the creation of lists on a mobile device. This actually isn’t necessary because you can create these lists at and with various other clients. Still, I wasn’t a fan of the implementation and said so in my post on Twitsper.

Yesterday, just two days after the initial release, the developers addressed the problems with an update. The list that pops up when you go to add people to a list now displays Twitter IDs, rather than the name (often pseudonym or joke) found in users’ profiles, and also sorts alphabetically instead of chronologically according to follow date. Pulling the complete list from Twitter before sorting can take time, and might result in timeouts. Users with more than 200 followers will do better to create lists at The developers will include the ability to add users by typing in their Twitter IDs in the future.

Rapid updates and responsive app publishers, FTW! Read the story of Twitsper here.

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