Verizon Galaxy Tab available now

Grab the plastic, fans of Big Red; your day has arrived. The Samsung Galaxy Tab is now available at Verizon’s website and in retail locations around the country. VZW is selling the Tab outright for $599, offering no subsidy for signing a contract. It will be interesting to see how strong sales are with Verizon, considering that T-Mobile is offering the gadget for $399 with a two-year agreement. AT&T could be selling the tablet for as much as $649 outright.

If the no-contract arrangement has you down, check out the plan pricing: Verizon is giving you 5GB for just $20 a month, which undercuts the price points we’ve seen on Tab plans from other carriers. Take this into account along with Verizon’s gigantic customer base, and it seems reasonable to believe that we’ll be seeing a lot of Verizon-branded Tabs out and about this season.