Verizon’s 4G LTE coming in December

HTC’s QWERTY slider known as Merge or Lexikon missed its rumored launch as was briefly revealed on Verizon’s website, sparking speculation about a scrapped product that would be reworked with more up-to-date features before being released into a competitive market. The two main features suspected of upgrades are the processor (to a dual-core) and the 3G radio (to 4G LTE).

And Verizon has begun the LTE hype, though we have yet to see the flagship that will launch it. At their new dedicated LTE site, Verizon tells us that, while it will be 2013 before their current 3G coverage map will be lit up with 4G, some cities will be ready to launch LTE this December. There is little chance of the Merge launching by then, so do they have another phone lined up to showcase the network? According to Ivan Seidenberg, no. We will see some LTE devices launched at CES in January, with the first available in February.