Zynga games coming to Android

With the announcement of the newest version of Facebook for Android, and the changes that came along with it, comes good news for casual gamers everywhere. Social gaming giant Zynga is going to be utilizing Facebook’s new single sign-on with their first Android game, Zynga Poker. Presumably, this is only the beginning for the ever popular Facebook game developer, as the growth rate and user-base for Android continues to grow and exceed all others. So long as this growth continues bloom, so will developer interest in utilizing the platform. Zynga used their Poker app to start off with on Facebook, it was their first app to go international, and it’s now going to be the first on Android. With over 6 million active players a day, it’s no wonder why Zynga chose Poker to start out.

Anyone else as excited about this as I am? Keep checking back with us here at DroidDog for when Zynga’s social games go live. Until then, Angry Birds it is!

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