Adobe: Flash video acceleration for Chrome OS top priority

One of the primary complaints of those who have been lucky enough to get in on Google’s pilot test program for their CR-48 Chrome OS nebook has been Flash video performance. Quirks and bugs can be expected at this stage of the game. After all, those with Google’s rubberized notebook in their laps have them for the sole purpose of discovering problems. And this video performance problem will be taken care of quickly. Paul Betlem, Adobe’s Senior Director of Engineering calls the video performance issue top priority in a post over at the Adobe Blog.

Hardware acceleration has yet to be enabled for Flash in the CR-48, and kicking that into gear should result in an instant performance boost. The web/cloud-based operating system has Adobe’s popular Flash Player integrated–it’s not just a browser plugin or extension at work here. When Chrome OS gets updated, so does Flash.

Google’s Chrome OS is based around their Chrome browser and offers rapid boot times, storage in the cloud, and (eventually) speedy performance.

Via Into Mobile

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