Android Market running on NOOKcolor

Finally: the hack e-reading geeks have been waiting for has arrived. I just spent the last 25 minutes or so enabling the Android Market on my rooted NOOKcolor. And, as you can see in the screen grabs below, all is working well. This modification transforms my NC into an affordable yet elegant little tablet, and makes much more sense to me than installing Froyo prematurely and wiping away Barns & Noble’s lovely custom NOOK interface. And after all, this is a reading device. I bought it because I wanted a color e-reader, not as a tablet replacement. But it is nice to be able to check my Gmail and TweetDeck accounts while reading.

If you’re new to tinkering, this is not a recommended hack. It was easy enough for me but my NOOKcolor was already rooted and I am comfortable with some basic command line operations. I also have the Android SDK installed and properly configured.

The walk-through over at nookdevs warns adventurers: “This can easily screw up your nook. Expect it to.”

You really shouldn’t get into this unless you have some idea of what you’re doing. Note the incomplete command for pulling packages.xml from the NC to the user’s computer (no indication that a destination must be entered). Some experience is required. If you do give it a go, pay attention to all of the notes about using matching Gmail accounts and such. I was able to pull this off on my first try without a reset, but perhaps that was due to luck.

Enough with the disclaimers. The evidence is below. It’s time for me to go play with my new and improved NOOKcolor.

Via nookdevs by way of IntoMobile

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