Is Barnes and Noble resetting rooted NOOKcolors?

Some folks over at xda-developers have been discussing an issue with Barnes & Noble’s NOOKcolor where accessing the online shop results in a factory reset. The wipe is apparently preceded by an authentication error. So far, only owners of hacked NCs are reporting the issue but it isn’t happening to every rooted Nook. Those who have encountered the reset that re-rooted, gained Market access and reinstalled apps seem to be free of any persistent issues.

No problems with the rooted NOOKcolor sitting next to me at the moment. What about yours, DroidDog reader? Rooted or not, have you experienced a mandatory factory reset? Hopefully the resets are a result of some technical snafu and not part of a concerted effort by B&N to teach hackers a lesson. Who wants to read about another obligatory geek backlash regarding the lack of features that were never promised by those who consciously violated their warranties?

Via Android Community

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