Did you notice a change at the site today?

DroidDog saw some significant changes at the unveiling of its fresh new design on December 1st, but we’re not finished with the upgrades just yet. Many of the continuing tweaks are virtually unnoticeable from and end-user standpoint but are important nonetheless. Our IT team is working hard to improve the friendliness and functionality of the entire family of PhoneDog properties, and we hope this translates to a richer, smoother experience for all of you.

Some of the changes–like the obvious visual/layout makeover–will be more prominent and instantly recognizable. One of those improvements arrived today in the form of a slightly tweaked logo. The dog is the same, but we’ve added a tagline to the title:

There is no doubt in my mind that we are going to witness an explosion of news surrounding the Chrome operating system, Google TV, and many other endeavors by The Big G in 2011. And I expect loads of opportunities for reviewing products that aren’t running Android.

For some time we’ve been considering our options for bringing more diverse Google-related content to our readership. We were very close to launching another site, but decided in the end that it would be best for our fans if we simply expanded the purview of DroidDog.com. Not only will this approach provide a more seamless experience for you, it allows us to focus our efforts, resources, and time more effectively than two distinct Google focused sites would.

If it wasn’t for the support of our loyal fans and the appearance of so many new ones over the past year, DroidDog would not be looking to expand. The orange dog and everyone behind the name is proud to be your source for content regarding Android, Chrome, and everything Google form this point forward.

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