FFC hack: Who needs another cam when mirrors exist?

With video calling rising in popularity the apps supporting it are readily and freely available. But not everyone can afford to run out and buy the latest phone with a front-facing camera in order to get in on the action, so hackers have come up with other solutions. One of them is very involved and risky and consists of cracking your phone open and installing a secondary camera. Dustin did this with his Samsung Vibrant. The other, much simpler hack comes from CiccareseDesign in the form of a clip-on mirror.

The product is concept-only at this stage, but the creator promises availability for purchase at some point. The solution is elegant in form and (anticipated) function and might extend the life of many aging devices, like the Nexus One that’s showing off the doohickey–called OneMoreFace–below. Brilliant.

Via Android Police

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