Fossil Bluetooth Watch displays phone info

This is the part of the post where I would reveal the branding of the product at hand, but it turns out this thing is actually called the Fossil Bluetooth Watch, and well…that’s that. The good news is that this guy works with iOS and Android phones, gathering information via Bluetooth and displaying useful info on your wrist, such as number of unread emails, missed calls, calendar events, etc.

It may seem useless to a market of people with phones glued to their palms, and I’m not sure looking at your watch during a dinner out with the spouse or in the middle of an important meeting is any more polite than pulling a phone from your pocket, but the gadget does simplify and shorten and already simple and brief task: the compulsive check for something new. It would be great to catch an incoming SMS status update or to screen a sales call so effortlessly, especially if the watch ends up selling for les than the currently anticipated $200. The FBW is currently under development.

Via Tom’s Style

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