Galaxy S GPS fix not for the faint of heart

Galaxy S owners, I feel your pain. In the brief time that I owned a Vibrant I must have pulled over half a dozen times to wait for my GPS connection, having typed in an address and pulled out of the lot expecting the kind of response I had become accustomed to on other Androids. But as you know it’s not uncommon to wait 5 minutes for one of Sammy’s gadgets to discover its location. And after being teased by Samsung and others with updates and fixes that promised to resolve the issue only to fall short, I can imagine that your patience for this unfortunate fault in the Galaxy S series is wearing thin. But is the situation bad enough to risk your phone altogether? For some, apparently so. And this thread over at xda-developers is all about the details of the problem and how to fix it: crack open the device and replace some hardware.

The instructions are detailed with considerate warnings for potential problems. Extremely helpful photos are included as well. But remember, you shouldn’t engage in this kind of tinkering unless you are prepared to be left with an unusable device and no recourse. If you get dizzy at the site of blood and guts, turn away; this one isn’t for you.

Via Android Central

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