Gingerbread source code available now

It was just a couple days ago when we told you that Jean-Baptiste M. “JBQ” Queru, software engineer at Google, tweeted out some open ended details on the release of Gingerbread’s source code into the Android Open Source Project. He said the code would be pushed out soon after the Nexus S ships, and sure enough, you’ll find that the code is hitting the AOSP today. Before you get to downloading, please pay attention to a special request from Mr. JBQ:

-Please take it easy on the servers. They are very helpful in hosting the AOSP source code, and I don’t want to hurt the high quality of their service with an onslaught of full Android downloads. If you’re not going to immediately work on porting Gingerbread to devices with the intent of distributing the result to end-users, I’m kindly asking that you wait a few hours or a few days before you download it (just roll a 6-sided die and wait that long). In addition, the slower the servers are, the harder it is for me to do the push.

A few hours or a few days isn’t that long to ensure the quality and overall success of the release. If you’re looking to download as soon as possible, I recommend following Jean-Baptiste on Twitter where he should announce the all clear. Good luck builders, you never fail to impress.

Via Twitter, Google Groups

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