Gmail snooper turns up on TODAY show

Yesterday we covered the story of a man named Leon Walker who is facing five years in prison for snooping through his wife’s email. According to Leon, he knew his then-wife’s Gmail password because she kept all account passwords in a notebook next to the computer–a computer Leon used regularly and has gone on to call, “the family computer.”

Leon’s search confirmed his suspicions that his wife was having an affair with her previous husband and Leon now says he felt obliged to share this information with his ex’s first husband (Leon was the third) because hubby numero dos was known for abusing the wife in this circle, Clara, in front of one of her children. Whew!

But all of this drama is just window dressing for the real issue at stake here, which isn’t about privacy as much as it is about hacking. The statute at play is normally applied to cases involving trade secrets and the like. Leon is a professional computer geek–a fact that’s been mentioned in every story printed on the case–but according to him, no hacking was involved in his amateur detective work. Is this guy just cleverly covering his bases after engaging in illegal activity to bust an unfaithful wife, or is he completely on the level, looking out for this interest of his children alone. I’m guessing the truth lies somewhere in the middle, but let’s here Leon’s side of the story, as broadcast on the TODAY show this morning.

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Via Huffington Post