Google 20 percent results in Android robot control via the cloud

How cool is it that Google offers employees the opportunity to spend 20% of their office time on the projects that inspire them most? It’s uber-cool, that’s how cool. And one of the projects Googler’s have put together with their 20% is the Robot Hackathon. Through the month of October, efforts were focused on educational and hobby robot kits for the purpose of creating Android software for controlling iRobot Create, LEGO MINDSTORMS or VEX Pros with Android through the cloud.

Once a week, the team got together in Mountain View to share their progress, which was facilitated by hardware manufacturer cooperation, pizza, and the thirst of coders around the world to make great things happen. So far, Robot Hackathon fruits include App Inventer support, an open source Java app called CellBots, and a Python library based on CellBots. All of this code is accessible to the public, so if you’re enthusiastic about software development, robotics, and the future of the cloud, hit up the Google Research Blog for more info and links.

Via Google Research Blog

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