Google bring us up to speed on Google Fiber

Google has had their 1 gigabit-per-second Internet access in the pre-deployment stages for quite some time now. The original plan was to get communities from across the nation to put in a request for Google Fiber, which 1,100 did, and announce the winner of where the trial for the service would begin by the end of the year. Today, Google has announced via the Official Google Blog that they’re “not quite ready to make that announcement.”

The information on the delay comes from newly appointed Vice President of Access Services, Milo Medin. Among using the blog post to discuss the delay and Medin’s arrival at Google, it was also said that a small a “beta” network will be rolled out to 850 homes at Stanford.

Unfortunately, Google isn’t reopening the selection process, they just need more time to make a selection. To get an idea on where interest for Google Fiber has been expressed in the US, take a gander at the response map below. We’ll be sure to be on the lookout for the proper announcement in early 2011.

Via Google by way of TechCrunch

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