Google Cr-48: Will it Blend?

If you read my post on my first seven days with Google’s Chrome OS powered Cr-48, you might have seen a Chrome OS Internet commercial called “How to remain calm despite what’s about to happen to your Chrome notebook.” The spot depicts Cr-48s undergoing elaborate destruction.

One of Google’s top selling points for Chrome OS gear is that all of your data is stored in the cloud. If they can get the hardware costs low enough, the notebook itself will become expendable. Bag stolen? No worries, your documents are stored with Google Docs. Computer smashed? It’s not a problem. All of your photos reside on a Picasa server.

Since breaking stuff is a big part of the Chrome OS campaign, it’s appropriate for Google to hire a demolition expert to handle the dirty work. Who better then Blendtec to challenge the structural integrity of the Cr-48. Does this guy blend anything edible? More importantly, with the Cr-48 blend? Of course it will!

Thanks, Mike!

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