Google launches eBookstore with over 3mil titles

Google has digitized 15 million books since the launch of Google Books in 2004, and now the Big G has added an “ebookstore” alongside the “research” section, which carries a large amount of free material. 3 million titles are available with hundreds of thousands for sale. A free reader app is available for iOS and Android (2.1 and later) that includes night mode, font adjustment (with size, line spacing, justification), two page reading mode, and a simple place holding feature that allows you to pick up where you left off no matter the platform. The application also allows for a different brightness setting than the global device setting. Apps for Nook, Sony Reader, and of course the web are also available.

Book purchases are associated with a Google account and are accessible from any browser. Like the competition, Google offers up book samples pre-purchase, and a ratings system for fans and critics.

To get started, just head over to the Google Books website and click “shop for books.”

Via Inside Google Books

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