Google Nexus S Challenge = FREE FONEZ!!1!

Are you following @googlenexus on Twitter? You should be. They are giving away one Nexus S per day until December 16th. The googlenexus twitter account is sending out links and hints to puzzles, hidden content, etc., and the first person to reply with the correct solution to each challenge gets a free phone!

It all started yesterday with a link to the Google Nexus YouTube channel and the hint “find the treat…” The solution was in a video that was embedded in the Flash header on the page, so that’s a good indicator of where you should be looking (I’m talking to you, source code investigators).

Todays challenge is: “There is more than meets the eye at You’ll find the answer in a tweet.”

So get crackin’ and read the official rules. A free Nexus S would make a great holiday gift for yourself or someone else!

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