Google sends the Nexus S into space

If you ever doubted the power of the Nexus S, then do so no more. A team of scientists, comprised of Google engineers and students from University of California, Santa Cruz, have gotten together to test the Nexus S in a slightly less conventional way than most handset manufacturers or software developers do – By sending it into space.

Seven Nexus S’ have been sent up into the edge of space, in a beer cooler with a helium weather balloon attached no less, to test the phones accelerometer, gyroscopic, and compass data and see what out of this world forces do to it. Each of the devices were running various apps when sent up, and all of them were still functioning well when they came down.

So what’s the point of all this? At this point it’s just for fun, but Nexus S product manager Zi Wang says that Google is in talks with a UK company to engineer small “commodity” satellites based on Nexus S technology. According to Wang, “The phone is powerful enough.” How’s that for “pure Google experience?”

Via New Scientist by way of Engadget

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