Hexxeh introduces Lime series of Chrome OS builds

Those of you that have been testing and tinkering with Google’s Chrome OS since before the launch of their Cr-48 pilot program no doubt have heard of Hexxeh, the hacker behind the famously enhanced version of Chrome OS, Flow and a super-simple USB flash drive boot. Flow featured improved hardware support over Google’s early releases as well as some customizations. Last week, Hexxeh announced the successor to FLow, Lime.

Lime will consist of Vanilla Chrome OS builds with improved hardware support. The auto-updater system will be improved and will now see two fresh builds per day! At least that’s the plan, and while no promises are made, Hexxeh expects to have more official announcements in the next few weeks.

If you want to try the latest and greatest bleeding edge version of Chrome, Hexxeh’s is the blog to watch. These releases of Chrome can be installed as your primary operating system on a Mac or PC, though getting Mac’s to function properly under Chrome OS takes much more effort. You can also run a Chrome OS virtual machine using VMWare Fusion, VirtualBox, or Parallels. USB Boot drives are one of Hexxeh’s more popular contributions. See the Flow download options here.

Via Hexxeh.net

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