HTC EVO Shift 4G priced by Best Buy

While we still don’t know all the details surrounding the Shift 4G, pricing is a big one. The price of a new Android device has been well solidified in the US, with top of the line phones coming in at around $199 on a 2-year contract. Some of you say the EVO Shift 4G isn’t top of the line because it has an 800MHz processor, but I feel that the G2 (seemingly very similar to the Shift 4G internally) has proved itself to be very capable of high end performance. Unfortunately, carriers never price their devices for what’s right around the corner though. There’s no telling if the next dual-core monster will be still be $199 on contract, leaving carriers to push down prices on lower spec’d devices. Of course they could just sell the new crop of Android phones for more, but that’s the least desirable choice. When it comes to the HTC EVO Shift 4G, it would appear that Sprint (or at least Best Buy), is taking it safe.

Leaked by Android Police on Christmas Eve, new pictures of Best Buy’s internal pricing system have hit the web with Shift 4G pricing inside. I think everyone will be decently happy here. Should you buy the Shift on a 2-year contract, you’ll pay just $149. For upgrades, it’s $149 as well, and 1-year new contracts, 1-year upgrades, and the suggested retail price is $299, $349, and $549 respectively. It may not be a whole lot less, but $50 is better than nothing, and it definitely leaves rooms for Sprint to introduce better phones, at a decent price. With CES right around the corner now, we should know how this will all play out before you know it.

Via Android Police

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