HTC HD2 now running native Android

The HTC HD2 has come a long way to get to this point, as turning a Windows Mobile 6.5 device into an Android device is no easy task. For the longest time now, hackers and modders have been running various Android builds on the HD2 by way of SD card installation. Essentially, you’d boot into Windows, run a program, and Android would start up. There’s plenty of devices that have enjoyed this luxury since Android’s release, but only a very select few have landed the ability to overwrite the internal storage with Android – Effectively making Android the default operating system. As of today, the HD2 will be joining that elite club.

The first ever NAND Android ROM for the HD2 was released today by none other than the popular modder Cotulla. According to the forum thread in which the ROM is posted:

“The goal of this ROM to make the closest copy of HTC Desire stock ROM. It has not any “fresh” ideas, but rather stable. Desire camera replaced via EVO, super user and busybox was added. This ROM can be used as base how to make any NAND ROM flashed via DAF.”

Instructions seem pretty straight forward here, but before you should go and attempt something like this, it’s important to remember two things: Only you are responsible for your device, so proceed with caution, and keep in mind that you need to read, read, read. If you’re still with me, you can head on over to XDA and take a look at what’s going on. Oh, and one more thing, HD2 owners – Congrats!


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