HTC Thunderbolt to “Rule the (LTE) Air”

Verizon’s super hero inspired commercial for LTE in which a young man sprints to the mailbox and back to a barn before uncasing a bolt of lightning might be revealing the branding of their first LTE device, The HTC Thunderbolt.

The monikers Incredible HD and Mecha have been bandied about for months around this oft leaked gadget without much distaste, but perhaps Thunderbolt is a better fit for VZW’s Rule the Air campaign, which rests on a logo featuring the universal cartoon symbol for lightning (thunder peels, lightning bolts… let’s not get picky) buzzing above a radio tower.

Droid-Life’s Kellen, who often receives inside information regarding Verizon product launches, says the model number is ADR6400LVW with Thunderbolt as a possible name.

This device will be HTC’s third 4G exclusive, having launched launched Sprint’s WiMAX with the EVO 4G and T-Mobile’s HSPA+ with the G2. But the phone may not have originally been planned for such a large roll: rumor mill has it that the phone was delayed to add LTE support.

Via Droid Life and Android and Me

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