Image leak: HTC EVO Shift 4G, possibly released 01/09/11

Is this Sprint’s upcoming HTC EVO Shift 4G? All signs point to yes…or at least that this is a retail dummy model of the actual device, hiding under a plastic shell casing. Engadget got the snap from an “alleged Sprint employee,” and readers were quick to point out that the Sense homescreen was obviously ‘Shopped onto the body. Nice work with the MS Paint “watermarks” on the keyboard and display, right?

The lack of a front-facing camera could be a dummy model mistake. Will the lack of an FFC in the end damage the desirability of big-screened 4G gadget? What do you think of the shape and spacing of the keys, or of that silver D-pad? What about the neon green color scheme? Let us know in the comments.

Engadget also wagers that Android Central‘s leaked inventory shot featuring the model number HTC A7373 (to launch on January 9th) is referring to the EVO Shift, rather than an American flavor of the Dezire Z.

Via Engadget

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