Kite UI concept video

Yes, it’s true. When TAT was acquired by RIM just one day ago, many a fan of Android OS saw hopes of innovative menus and 3D UIs fly out the window. But not so fast. There are plenty of other concept UIs out there that will change the way you think about smartphone navigation – Some powered by Android, some being worked on for an actual release. Take for example, Kite UI.

Kite UI is a very well put together innovative UI being worked on over in the XDA Developers forums. The thread in which the UI is being discussed is over 35 pages, and shows some actual work being done to make this concept a reality. As you’ve seen in the video above, the folks behind Kite are looking for experienced coders to get the ball rolling even further. To read more on Kite UI, and check up on the progress of the project, check out Kite UI – Coherent User interface.

Things are destined to change with the UI before it ever hits an Android device near you, but if nothing else this is a sign that even though we may have lost out on some opportunities when RIM acquired TAT, Android has nothing to worry about.

Via AndroidPolice

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