LG B rocks IPS display, thin body

One of the (many) key differentiators to be found in the construction of the iPhone 4 is the stunning retina (IPS) display, but Apple doesn’t have an exclusive on that technology and LG appears to be working on a new device, referred to as “B,” that features a 4.5″ IPS display with a slim body that makes the iPhone 4 look a bit chunky. Rob from

Phandroid offers up some snaps and an odd comparison chart that apparently specs the Galaxy S, iPhone 4, and the new LG. If these are the phones represented, it’s logical to assume that the LG phone brand or code name ends with b, as the other columns would refer to Galaxy “S”, and iPhone Fou”R”.

That’s all we have on the device for the moment, but considering how these leaks usually progress, I think it’s safe to assume we’ll have a full spec rundown before long.


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