MIUI beta 5 coming soon

If you’ve been messing around with rooting your phone and installing ROMs in the past couple months, there’s no doubt you’ve heard of MIUI. The incredibly popular ROM has taken the Android community by storm, making it’s way onto almost every popular device to come out in the last year. With beta 4 having only been out for a short time now, it’s a nice surprise to see the MIUI team’s new promo video for beta 5.

As you can see not only is the video compiled to look gorgeous, but the ROM doesn’t look half bad either. As John puts it, “it’s a pretty dramatic re-imagining of Android.” One you’ve got to try for yourself to really see how extensive it is. For more info on how to get MIUI on your device, check out MIUI Developer Forums, where you’ll find ports of the ROM for at least 8 devices, in 11 languages. For the original Chinese source, visit MIUI.com. Look for MIUI beta 5 to hit the web by December 31st. You can also check out John’s quick walkthrough of an older MIUI build on his EVO 4G.

Via Android Police

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