MKB Reviews: Dolphin Browser Mini

There are a lot of alternative browsers available on the Android market, from Skyfire to Opera Mini to Dolphin Browser HD to Xscope, and many more. One thing that separates Dolphin Mini from the rest is how fast it is on all devices. A lot of browsers have taken off with tons of features and addons and improvements that make them excellent on the latest high powered devices. My contract is almost renewed, but I’ve been doing just fine with my 1st generation Motorola Droid for nearly a year and this browser makes it feel like new! I’ll put it this way: I downloaded and installed it, browsed for about 30 seconds to various websites, immedietly set it as my default browser and never looked back. Interested? Read on!

To introduce, there are 3 versions of the Dolphin browser available in the market, all for free. Dolphin Browser HD is the most full featured version that looks gorgrous on larger screens like the Droid X and the EVO 4G. As you can tell by the chart it supports tons of features like addons, plugins, etc. Dolphin Browser [the original] is what started the alternative browser craze. It has a modest list of features and works relatively well on a wide variety of phones and screen sizes. The newly released Dolphin Browser Mini may be specifically built for lower powered devices but it packs a pretty responsive feel that I really enjoy.

Dolphin Mini is FAST. Some would say the fastest. It’s very lightweight as just as responsive [if not more so] than the stock browser. It loads pages ridiculously quickly and renders out images and even has Flash support all in blazing speed.

This browser is seriously packed with the essential core features as well. Pinch to zoom, text reflow, bustom bookmarks and a toolbox full of other goodies are always at your fingertips. I highly recommend this browser. Check it out in the market for free if you get the chance!

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