MKB Reviews: Screenshot It

This is more of an aswer to an FAQ than an in-depth application review, partially because I have been asked this question quite often and partially because this is a really simple app. I am asked pretty often “What’s that icon in your status bar?” and “How do you take screenshots so easily?” Well the answer to both questions is the ScreenShot It application. It couldn’t be easier to take screenshots of your rooted Android device than with this app!

While it’s a fairly expensive app [$3.99 USD] and requires root access that a fairly limited number of Android devices have, it’s still one of the most popular and one of my favorites. In my opinion it was money well spent. First of all there are several ways to take a screenshot.

1. You can drag down from the status bar and select the “Take a screenshot” option. The status bar will move right back up and it will instantaneously [or with a delay, if you choose] take a screenshot. The bad news is that with method you can’t take a screenshot of your notification panel.

2. You can also set this app to be able to take a screenshot when you shake your phone. This will leave the app on and constantly running in the background, but when you shake your phone [you can choose the sensitivity] it will take a screenshot of that very moment.

You can also choose between png and jpg files, though it shouldn’t make a difference in image quality.

You also have ‘share’ menu integration. So if you find something funny on a website on your phone or want to show off to your friends your new all black notification bar you can shake to take a screenshot, hit the ‘share’ button that pops up and choose your method. You can share it via Twitter, Facebook, MMS, etc. Nifty!

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