MKB Reviews: UnblockMe

Unblock Me is a simple game. Simple in the sense that there’s a single goal and it’s pretty easy to figure it out. It’s a free and ridiculously addicting puzzle game that can sneak up from behind you and waste away hours of productivity. I’m sharing so I can make sure I’m not the only one spending a ridiculously long amount of time trying to figure out how to set the red free!

The object of the game is pretty straightforward.: You need to get the red block out of the square by sliding the other blocks out of the way. All the blocks in the game slide back and forth in the direction they are oriented. This means if they are wider than they are tall they will move horizontally. If they are taller than wide they will move vertically. Pretty simple, right?

What you really want to do is get as many points on each level as possible, kind of like Angry Birds. At the end of each level you get a star rating based on how well you did. This rating is based on the time you took and how many moves you took. For each level there is a designated minimum number of moves that will get you 5 stars for the level. Sound familiar? It should.

The first 20 levels or so feel like bait; they probably are! They get you hooked into the game, completing levels in 4 seconds in the minimum number of moves… You feel like a pro. The next 20 levels actually make you think a bit. You might misstep here and there or take a few extra moves by accident but overall you still know what you’re doing without any kind of strategy.

Once you get to, say, level 60 things get very different. You have to start looking for moves, planning things out and actually changing things on the fly. It becomes a mind bending game that had you sucked in right form the get-go! Good luck putting this game down. It took me all Holiday season to realize there’s probably no end to how many levels they’ve created and that I may in fact be wasting my life away… Can’t say I didn’t warn you =]

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